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How Will Your Customers React To Euro Pound Parity?

What once seemed an unlikely nightmare for British travellers is becoming an expert forecast. City giants Morgan Stanley and HSBC are both predicting that the euro will reach parity with the pound and even go beyond that point in the coming months¹. 
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Pre-Paid Cards - What’s Putting Us Off?

Using a prepaid card to take foreign money abroad has many advantages, from security to the possibility of good rates. But consumers have proved surprisingly resistant to using the cards, which have now been on the market for many years, preferring to take cash with them.
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Insurers Start To Retrace Ogden Price Hikes

After an initial flurry of price hikes, it looks like the pace of increase in motor insurance is starting to level off, with some insurers even rowing back on the initial increases they implemented.
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Insurers’ APR Rip Off? What Consumers Really Think

The front page of Saturday’s Daily Mail highlighted the differences people are paying for their motor insurance depending on how they pay it. Those who pay once, pay less.
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